Niki Takesh- This glitter filled tumblr documents an L.A. girl's life and amazing hair colors all the while providing us with an abundance of pictures and gifs representing the glorious 90's. You'll be entertained for hours, while wishing Niki was your new bff (if only to borrow her clothes).

Gaws- A style inclined Toronto native and tumblr men's fashion guru, Liam posts everything from fashion and great photography to music you need to download ASAP.

Scumptious- Describing this one won't do it justice, you really just have to see it for yourself. The only words we have to describe scumptious: spooky, crazy, and freaking awesome. Beware, your mind just might get blown.

The Classy Issue- As the name suggests, this blog contains some awesomely classy photos balanced with the perfect amount of asses and g-strings. From sneakers and watches to tattoos and hot girls, this tumblr has got it all.

Nicole Loher- An 18 year old F.I.T student, Nicole is already working her way to the top. Her blog documents the daily outfits and musings of the self-titled style student. Need some outfit inspiration...or even some inspiration in general? Look no further. Making your way in the fashion world so young and so fast is no small feat.

Hobolux- Everyone needs their daily dose of Japanese street style, and what better place to get it than a blog dedicated to just that. Every picture will have you sighing. You might even get some butterflies in your stomach. Seriously, these pictures are that amazing.

Molly Soda- An internet video artist, Molly Soda fills her tumblr with everything from nudity and 90's memories to pictures of the blogger herself with purple, green, and sometimes blue hair. If the fact that she has a pet rat doesn't intrigue you, maybe the sparkling unicorns and naked chicks will.

Barkarmaa- Get cultured and let this art blog entertain and inspire you. This collection of incredible creations and photographs is not to be missed.

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