Molly Soda is an internet artist and an effective provocateur. Without writing anything, Molly's stream of tumblr images conjures up ideas of feminism, perversion, culture, and identity. She causes discussion. Her style and persona are hidden behind a veil of mystery, and that got us asking questions.

Sarah: So, of you seem to solicit a lot of commentary. People are super fascinated by your appearance (e.g. your comment chain video above). What do you think it is about your hair color, under arms, clothes, or whatever that has people so worked up? What is your favorite color for your hair to be?

Molly: I have no idea what gets people so worked up. People spend a lot of time worrying about others instead of improving their attitudes. I've enjoyed all of my hair colors. I think yellow and lime green were the most fun because they are a bit more unusual. I'm hoping to do a grey color maybe with some pastel pink or seafoam green soon.

S: Back to the topic of your videos. Several of the films on your vimeo function a lot like art. There is an aspect of duration and they are strangely disturbing. Can you speak a bit about your intentions with those?

M: I would say that any video I put on the internet functions as art. I don't have any particular intention that I am 100 percent aware of or that I would like to reveal at least. I think now that I've graduated art school I'd like to forget about having some grand intent with my work completely and just focus on making/putting out work.

S: Some guy decided to register the domain name What the fuck is up with that? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? Who is that guy?

M: I was not aware of this until I read this question. I vaguely know him. I'm sure gets a lot more hits than his blog would normally.

S: A lot of people in their 20's have come to feel a renewed love for a 90's raver aesthetic. The kind of technicolor/choker wearing/platform sneaker/glittering low-fi imagery that was big when we were kids. What is your contemporary connection to that world?

M: I think people generally like feeling nostalgic. The funny thing is, as much as I can feel nostalgic over 90s cartoon shows I had no real connection to raver/club kid/art culture that was going on in the 90s seeing as i was too young to be a part of that crowd. I think that interest comes from a want to be a part of an era you missed out on only by a few years.

S: Your style is constantly evolving, which I love. Do you get bored easily? What is your fashion constant?

M: Honestly, I don't have a fashion constant. My style changes from month to month. I'm the kind of person that gets really obsessed with wearing a certain item of clothing or a certain style for short periods of time and then I'll move on to whatever seems fun and new at the moment.

S: Who are your artistic/cinematic inspirations?

M: Movies...Clueless, She's all that, 10 things i hate about you, Wayne's world, Josie and the pussycats, Nowhere, The Craft… I could go on forever. For artists - Francesca Woodman, Ryan Trecartin, Ana Mendieta, and Nina hagen. With tv shows - Popular, Tim and Eric.

S: Is there any celebrity that you wish you could personally assassinate? Or any style?

M: No, I do not wish death upon anyone or anything, even ugg boots :)


Anonymous said...

why would someone waste time posting about nothing but bullshit

Anonymous said...

^ Agreed lol

Anonymous said...

Cause it's the fucking internet and it's all nothing but bullshit.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile Molly and the rest are doing something rather than making boring comments

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H8RS GONNA H8!! 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ ) LOL <3 U MOLLY

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her original tumblr posts are okay, but the rest are all reblogs. it ain't nothing new.

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She's the same as every other colored haired tumblr kid. Next please.