tumblr influences

Check out some of my favourite tumblr blogs, ranging from collage to photography to historical influences!

isallthereis - If you love collage art, you've got to follow this tumblr. This is my source for images meshed together in a way you would never imagine making sense until you see them combined in front of you: surprising, weird, cool, and colorful. The image above is not one the blogger created, but shows what the blog is visually all about.

daughterofhungryghosts - A tumblr icon, Ali is anything but ordinary. Her hair has ranged from red to blue to purple to pink to blonde to brown, and her taste in images is superb. You won't be able to click away from this blog that follows the life of this adventurous girl.

hottiesfromhistory - Exactly what the title states -- cool people from the past with great faces. The descriptions of the people themselves are extremely interesting, and add a historical flair that many vintage photo blogs do not incorporate.

jonyeston - A friend of mine, Jon, started this blog a while ago to his photography portfolio. His use of color is incredible, and the images themselves make you picture the world around you in a more beautiful light. His attention to detail charming and intriguing.

street style - Hungry for street fashion? This tumblr is clean, crisp, and reblogs images that are anything but plain. The choice of fashion photos is great, and it gives a lot of inspiration for outfit combinations. This is a site you won't want to skip over!

Bonnie Arbittier

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