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SIR New York is the brain child of designer Auston Bjorkman. SIR's rendition of urban minimalism has quickly garnered press interest since it's 2011 inception, positioning the brand as a new favorite among enthusiasts of progressive street wear. We asked Auston a few questions about design and his relationship with color. Read our interview below, and check out SIR New York for Men and Women.

Sarah: This season is very sporty and we love all the mesh textures. What attracts you to that kind fabric?

Auston: In general I am attracted to the hand of a fabric, if I touch it and it feels good then I fall in love with it. I've been obsessed with mesh ever since I was a kid. Growing up I was a bit of an underground jock, so I guess that is where my love of all things athletic comes from. My fascination with technical fabrics has lead me to find unusual ways to incorporate them into wearable pieces. Texture is really important for Sir New York and I have found that by layering technical textiles over natural ones you can create new prints, patterns, optical illusions, and textures while creating wearable futuristic garments.

S: Your clothing is pretty minimalist, but in a really detailed way. What is it about monochromatic or black and white looks that you find exciting?

A: I think that when you are experimenting with creating new textures, and prints in the way that I am it is important to keep the color palate clean. If you have too much going on all at once it can become muddled. I love color and I will play more with that in the future, but for now I want that crisp, sharp subtlety.

S: How did you first get into designing? What's all this about your work with latex?

A: My first “fashion” job was in latex. I worked for Mr. S Leather in San Francisco, making latex clothing and fetish gear. I loved it! We called our floor club latex and would blast music really loud and drive the leather department upstairs crazy. It was so much fun. I eventually moved upstairs and started making leather. Hell raiser type bondage suits with D-rings all over them for suspension and my specialty was deprivation hoods. You know, those scary looking mask hoods with zipper mouths and such. I learned so much about construction and sewing there which lead me to start taking pattern making classes in order to learn how to design things that I wanted to wear. I knew that I wanted to design a menswear fashion line and found out that the Fashion Institute of Technology had one of the only Menswear Design programs in the country so I moved here to do that.

S: What is most inspiring to you right now?

A: I am really interested in and inspired by the idea of making sportswear sexy, not overtly sexual like my work at Mr. S of course. The concept behind Sir New York is athleticism with a hint of provocation. I love to combine a macho sport with something refined and elegant. It's sort of my personal commentary on masculinity.

S: Who is your fashion hero?

A: I wouldn’t say I have one in particular but right now I am loving Bernard Wilhelm. I love that raw in yourface, I don't give a fuck, I will do what I want attitude of his work.

S: Is there a "look" that you absolutely hate?

A: I think if you love your look and you own it 100%, then good for you. I might not choose it but if you can wear it with style then go for it. There are a lot of looks that don't work for me personally but I would never hate on anybody who is doing they're own unique thing.

S: Do you design for any specific crowd/ clientele? Do you have someone in mind when you are working?

A: I have this hope that Sir can cross boundaries. We all have many different sides to our style and personalities. Most of us are not content only expressing one dimension of ourselves. I love to cross reference and juxtapose styles and inspirations to come up with a whole new hybrid. Sir New York is in part street wear, in part high-end fashion, part sportswear, part club wear etc... I want dudes, sissies, trannies, jocks and everyone in between to find something relatable.

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