this or that, but also this and that

Tauba Auerbach’s new show at the Deitch deals with being here versus being there, as well as being here and there at once. Confused? Exactly. Here And Now/And Nowhere, opening September 3, sets up several of life’s basic dichotomies to explore through art— and then decimates any notion of established order by also exploring the gray areas between them. It is no wonder then that one of these dichotomies is the opposition of order and randomness or that the exhibit will then explore the ‘unpredictable order of chaos’ as well.

Other themes throughout the show include the past and the present, a past three-dimensional state and a present two-dimensional state (treated in Auerbach’s Fold Paintings on raw, “incrementally sized” canvases), liminality (“the intermediate state” between the second and third dimensions), and the number two.

Here And Now/And Nowhere will feature a continuation of some of Auerbach’s pieces from the New Museum’s Younger Than Jesus exhibit, including her Crumple Paintings, which use large Ben Day dots to create the illusion of a crumpled surface, and enigmatic Static Photographs, which focus more on the emergence of form than pattern this time around, addressing “what makes something ‘something’.”

Auerbach will also debut two large sculpture projects that exemplify the ubiquitous interdependence of the exhibit’s many conflicts. The first, a giant black orb, will hang half inside and half outside the gallery, mirroring the movements of a twin light source inside the gallery to represent two particles that were separated but still behave identically. Central to the exhibit is a curious musical instrument called the Auerglass, created with the help of Auerbach’s friend Cameron Mesirow, from the band Glasser. The four-octave organ requires two players to pump simultaneously in order to work, and Auerbach and Mesirow will perform songs composed specially for the instrument, wearing shifting costumes designed by Ida Falck Øien, on opening night, before the Glasser performance on September 11 at 8 PM, and Tuesday through Saturday at 5pm until October 17.

"A" Ink on paper, 50" x 38" (2005)

Comme des Garçons ad design (2008)

"Subtraction (Startling)," Ink and pencil on paper, 27" x 27" (2007)

Tauba Auerbach
Here And Now/And Nowhere
September 3 - October 17, 2009
Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013
Tuesday - Saturday, 12PM - 6PM

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