Mayyors, Megan's LOLZ 7" (Mt. St. Mtn. 2008)

Mayyors are a violent noise punk four-piece from Sacramento, CA who are so loud that singer John Pritchard wears protective headphones at performances and so delinquent that they do not have a Myspace page. Their label, Mt. St. Mtn. only just begrudgingly took the social networking plunge and their profile is private. Despite efforts to keep a low profile, reviews of Mayyors’ squalid, sweaty shows, namely at SXSW 2009, have graced the farthest reaches of the blogosphere and their latest EP lives up to the buzz. The Deads 12”, already out of print from elusive ‘no-represses’ Mt. St. Mtn., wields a four-song spiral of unhinged guitar and thundering bass and drums battling Pritchard’s psychotic vocals. Each track takes off like a fighter jet and proceeds recklessly, saturated in effects pedals and feedback.

Besides Pritchard shouting what seem like undecipherable commands on the mic, the band is Mark Kaiser on bass, Julian Elorduy beating skins and Chris Woodhouse, who has produced music for Thee Oh Sees and engineered Mayyors’ first record, on guitar. If you missed them on the first night of the SMMR BMMR Fest in Portland, OR on this week, catch them at Web of Sound in San Fransisco this Friday, August 28 at the Hemlock Tavern with Wounded Lion, Lamps and Christmas Island.

Web of Sound
Friday, August 28, 2009
9 PM - $7
Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Mayyors, Deads 12" (Mt. St. Mtn. 2009)

Stream: "Clicks" MP3
Stream: "The Crawl" MP3

Mayyors on
Mt. St. Mtn.

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