green pink caviar

“A delicate balance between beauty and disgust.”

Something to convince tourists they just don’t “get” New York… Marilyn Minter has taken out an aggressive advertisement for her new exhibition in the form of MTV’s HD billboard in Times Square at 44th Street. “Chewing Color” is an oddly captivating eight-minute video of a model’s mouth lapping up oozing substances. The extremely close shots give the viewer a slightly disconcerting view of every taste bud of hers licking up goo-like candy. Something about it makes us feel as if we’re watching something taboo, but we can’t tear our eyes away! Imagine the feeling on a 44-foot billboard.

Minter shot the scenes in between takes of a MAC make-up shoot. A five-minute version of the film will be on display in Times Square until April 30th, and a 60-second trailer will be screened before midnight shows at the Sunshine Cinema. For times of the showings in Times Square, click here.

“Chewing Color” is an advertisement for her latest exhibit, Green Pink Caviar. Green Pink Caviar is Minter’s continuing exploration of glamour and its dark underbelly, focusing on the thin line between desirable beauty and robust revulsion. Whether or not you find her work appealing or grotesque, it definitely evokes a strong reaction.

“I don’t want to sound disingenuous, but to me it’s not sexy—it’s gorgeous. It’s about hunger and insatiability, a trailer without a movie behind it, an ad only for itself.” – Marilyn Minter

Her exhibit at Salon 94 will be her second solo exhibition there, and is made up of photorealistic paintings and painterly photographs. The exhibition will run from April 28 to June 13.

Salon 94
12 East 94th Street
New York, NY 10128


Allie said...

omfg, i love this.
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KATLIN said...

When I was in New York last week, this ad literally stopped me just when I was about to cross the street. It was frckn mesmerizing!