Matt Hoyle brings beauty and class to freakshows with “Barnumville.” Inspired by the town of Gibsonton, Florida, where vacationing circus folk used to frequent, Hoyle imagines his show to be about a town occupied by sideshow performers in the 1940’s. Notably absent are the bold, bright colors we usually associate with the circus. The oddities of each portrait are captured so gracefully in black and white that they evoke a cinematic feeling, allowing the power and essence of each character to show through.

"The project actually came about and still has the intention of creating 14 cinematic format scenes. I am in the process of creating those scenes in CGI, which is very similar to the process in motion picture CGI movies. These fourteen scenes will depict Barnumville as a realistic 1940’s Florida town inhabited by sideshow performers. These black and white portraits were initially just a recording. I didn’t know they would have such an impact. But the features on each of their faces told so much that I had to create a separate series." – Matt Hoyle

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