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Stolen Girlfriends Club is a pop culture label built on vision and creativity. Their innovative ideas are based on the influences of fashion, art and music. Youthfulness, irreverence and a tongue-in-chic attitude are the driving forces behind the New-Zealand made brand. This attitude has earned the Club a celebrity following that includes Juliette Lewis, Kate Bosworth, Daisy Lowe, & The Cobra Snake alongside cool kids everywhere.

Co-founders and directors Marc Moore, Luke Harwood and Dan Gosling want people to interpret Stolen Girlfriends Club in their own way. "It’s a way of life – the brand represents a lifestyle we live and share with our friends”. All three come from a background in the commercial surf industry – Marc and Luke are both ex pro surfers – and all have worked with international fashion forward brands. In time the boys outgrew their boardies (surf shorts), each taking their attributes in creative marketing, distribution, and business knowledge to form Stolen Girlfriends Club in 2005.

IDLM - Skeletor or Hordak?
Marc Moore - Skeletor, mainly because I don't even remember Hordak so he mustn't be that memorable.

When and how did you become interested in fashion?
About 4 years ago. I grew up in this tiny seaside surf town called raglan. I decided to move up to the city for work. And from then on I got really inspired. There was so much going on, all these different people with their own forms of style and expression. I got pretty hooked!! I started experimenting with art and that soon turned in to fashion. Making clothes that me and my friends wanted to wear. 4 years on and it is now more than a hobby - but we still have a lot of fun!

Where did the name "Stolen Girlfriends Club" come from?
It came from my first art show. Stolen Girlfriends Club was the theme and title of that exhibition. It sold out on the opening night which was amazing! Everyone seemed to love the name so we thought it was the obvious choice for our brands name.

How do you sleep @ night?
Well mostly, I sleep well. Except when it's coming up to range release. I get pretty stressed out with new collections. It always seems like your running out of time - there's such an urgency to it!! Once the collection is complete I sleep much better!! We are about 2 weeks from finishing our next collection so I'm a walking zombie at the moment.

What famous designers have influenced you, and how?
Hedi Slimane influenced us early on. Mainly because we felt we could relate to what he was doing. He wasn't just a fashion designer. He was heavily into music, art, his photography. We also loved the aesthetic and detailing of his work. So polished and refined, yet had this gritty rock & roll feel that was very wearable and timeless.

What’s the most played song on your iPod?
At the moment it would be 'Now Wow' by The Kills.

How would you describe your personal style?
Hmm that's a hard one. I kinda change depending on my mood/feeling. A little bit rock & roll, a little bit nerdy/preppy, and a touch fruity.

What brands or designers are currently on your radar?
Christophe Decarin at Balmain, Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy, Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent, and Alber Elbaz at Lanvin - all seriously nuts!

Describe the Pretty Vacant collection in a Haiku.
The rebellious
grunge punk sensibility
ripped plaid leopard lace

Outside of fashion what inspires you?
Music. Escapism. Romance.

What's your favorite childhood movie?
E.T. I cried like a mofo.

In your eyes what makes a good collection?
Beautiful fabrics, good shapes, wearability, clever detailing, a clear concept that runs right throughout, with a bold identity.

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