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Maurie and Eve is the Australian brand from Kelly Davies, Scott Davies and Maya Clemmensen. Kel and Scott are brother and sister, Scott and Maya are partners while Kel and Maya are best friends. Kel began a few years back sewing singlets and selling to a few boutiques around the country. And in 2006 Scott and Maya came on board, designing and helping run the business.

The brand is named after Kel and Scott's grandparents. Maurice and Evelyn Williams passed away in 2001, their deaths caused by a tragic car accident. Eve was a model in the 40s and her old Singer Sewing machine was left to Kel. Inspired by this, Kel began making singlets for friends and family and before she knew it was selling to boutiques across Australia and around the world.

Kel was sweet enough to share with us some insight on her life and the new spring collection.

Kelly Taylor or Brenda Walsh?
Brenda all the way… You've got to keep things interesting!

When and how did you become interested in fashion
I think it's fair to say that all girls love dressing up, Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan was definitely an opener to a little girl! It's interesting to see how different people interpret fashion, the way they put themselves together… Girls dress for other girls, everyone wants to look the best, and with that kind of market, who could resist giving it a go!!

How would you describe your personal style?
I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but I'm pretty over the top… more more more of everything…. A fist full of rings, oversized handbags, high high high heels, scarves, big hair, the whole bit!!

What brands or designers are currently on your radar?
Alexander Wang is definitely on our radar at the moment, we love his relaxed tailoring, while still having that hard edge. We're all about mixing styles and seeing how far we can push it… Jeremy Scott is another, he's just crazy and it just works!

Do you sing in the shower and what song?
No… and I've never actually come across a person that does!!

What is the inspiration behind your Spring collection?
The Spring Collection we were in a real Woodstock haze… tie dyes, flowy dresses, bleached ripped denim, midriffs… it's all about the 70's.

What's the most played song on your iPod?
It changes pretty often, but at the moment I have Send Him Back – The Pointer Sisters Pilooski edit on repeat!

What's your favorite childhood movie?
The Labyrinth… I don't know how as I child I could watch that movie and not have nightmares… It scares the hell out of me now!! David Bowie in tights…. I don't know about that!!!

In your eyes what makes a good collection?
We always try to make sure there are enough elements to each collection… make sure we cover all bases with colours, prints, short, long, day, night. We always have 3 or 4 different stories running through each range and tie them together with colours or fabrics. And it has to be easy to wear…

What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer and having your own label?
Working for ourselves is such a luxury, everyone wants to be their own boss! But its so cool to be able to make EXACTLY what you want to wear, and it's even better when people want to wear it too! We also get to travel a lot; and the 3 of us are so lucky we get to do it all together!

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