BLACK ZEN is a video editorial directed and written by interdisciplinary artist Xavier Valentine in collaboration with IDLM. The video works as a series of "tableaux vivants" illustrating the idea of ceremony and ritual in daily dress. BLACK ZEN derives inspiration from such films as the HOLY MOUNTAIN, Alejandro Jodorowsky's infamous film steeped in esoteric-ism and ancient rites. The film features pieces from Bond Hardware, SIR New York, Obesity and Speed, Chris Habana, and Luv AJ.
Xavier Valentine's body of work often explores semiotics within the realm of the occult. He seeks to observe correlations of antiquity bearing on our perception, creation, and curation of modern "artifacts". His most recent solo show, in collaboration with R.K. Projects at the Marty and Perry Granoff Centre for the Creative Arts titled ATLAS, was a large scale installation inspired by Roland Barthes' 1977-1978 lecture on neutrality. Xavier applies this attitude of inclusiveness and uncovering of mystery toward his love for fashion. 

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