Dana Hurwitz and Vincent Barile were two fashion lovers with a penchant for the hard stuff. After they met and bonded over their love for deviance and high fashion they came together and founded Bond Hardware. BH is a line full of transformable and statement making jewelry that works in unique tandem with clothing. Read our interview with Dana and Vincent below, and SHOP MENS and WOMENS just in! 

SARAH: Hey Guys! Your stuff is really amazing and so versatile! Its unisex and can really suit a wide range of people. Another thing we love about your pieces is that they're totally bad ass but really polished, how do you straddle that line so effortlessly?

We try to balance the edgy-ness of our pieces with minimalism. This helps them maintain a refined quality that helps appeal to a broader market.

What kind of clothing do you see your hardware being worn with? What are your favorite designers? looks? or inspirations?

VINCENT: Ideally, our collection is to be worn with a collared shirt, but the great thing about it is that you are able to wear it however you prefer. Currently, my favorite fashion designers are Acne and Raun LaRose. Also, Gaspard Yurkievich has been an huge inspiration of mine.
DANA:  Some of the pieces look great as necklaces too. When I don’t feel like being buttoned up I’ll grab a Hitch ring, or the chain lock, the double clip and even the male window lock. My favorite designers currently are Haider Ackerman – Tilda Swinton looked amazing in his look at the Golden Globes, and always Iris Apfel is a flawless style icon of mine.

Is there anything that you can't stand as far as trends? Any pet peeves?

VINCENT: Well this is easy! Northface. Leggings. Uggs. Especially, Northface + Leggings + Uggs = Not cute.
DANA: I’ll just add that leggings aren’t a substitute for pants. No matter how amazing your legs are or if you just came from yoga.

Do you guys have any major fashion crushes? Who would be the dream person to wear BH?

VINCENT: Definitely, Jacob Coupe.
DANA: Lady Fag, or Obama, Mrs. or Mr..

Your tumblr is so great. Do you take a lot of fashion inspiration from the internet? Do you find it useful that way?

Yes, social networking is a huge part of our work. Tumblr is a great platform for collecting and curating our daily inspirations. It allows us to be inspired by people and places that we normally wouldn’t be able to be affected by and constantly share that with our creative network.

Did you guys meet in fashion school? Were you instant style soul-mates? How did you go about beginning to design together?

We met through mutual friends. We had an intimate moment in a taxi cab… and then started playing dress up together. Dana goes to Pratt for fashion Design and Vince goes to The Art Institute for graphic Design.

Where did the name Bond Hardware come from?

Our name is inspired by bondage wear, so we started playing with the words bond and bound. The name in that context also alludes to a bond between two people.

Okay time for a POP QUIZ! 
Coke or Pepsi? Torn, Interview or i-D Mag? i-D Mag, Mary Kate or Ashley? Mary Kate, Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga? Neither- but props to their creative teams., Ying-yang or Peace sign? Ying yang, Skulls or Flowers? Floral Skulls sound ideal, John Waters or David Lynch? Lynch.

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