Coco && Breezy are iconic twins. They live inside their own stylish imagination of neon and and metal studs. These two girls have gained serious momentum in a just a short time with their line of very versatile and innovate accessories.  We took a peak inside their universe, but we had to put on glasses...

IDLM: So we see you’re friendly with Drake. Want to tell us about that, at the risk of making us a little more jealous?

C&&B: Well we were at the SNL private after dinner with our friend Kenan Thompson, who is on the SNL show. It was the after dinner of the show that Drake performed. After Drake walked in, an hour later he came to our table to speak to Kenan and while they introduced everyone's name, and said, “this is Coco & Breezy,” Drake said he was familiar with our brand, and knew who we were. We then just vibed it out. It was a surprise to us, because anyone that knows us, knows that in our 1st year of starting our brand, up to now, we have listened to him on repeat and his music has been a huge inspiration to us. So now the rest is history… we look forward to collaborating with him in the near future.

IDLM: Your 2011 collection, Wearable Art features some edgy neon bracelets that remind us of glow sticks and raves. When creating this line were you inspired by party culture?

C&&B:  No, we weren’t necessarily inspired by a party culture. Every one of our collections, we bring you to a different city in “Planet C&&B.” Wear-able Art was a city in our planet. If you close your eyes, and imagine… You are in a space ship, and you look out the window, you see bright light beaming. Once you have stepped out of the space ship, you see a sky that is black light, with neon art pieces floating in the gravity. Coco reaches out for a circular item and puts it on her wrist, people on earth would call it a “bracelet” but in our planet we call it “Wear-able Art.” We love art, and with that collection, it was inspired by creating art that you were able to wear, and taking it to the next level. There are no limits when we create, and we are visionaries. Our designs are so unique, that is why we create a story line / Planet, so people can be inside of our world.

IDLM: What about pop-culture? Your eyewear, which seems to be all the rage among celebrities and civilians alike, definitely has that pop feel to them.

C&&B: What about pop-culture??... lol . We don’t focus too much on pop-culture when we are in our creative sessions. We are actually out of the loop of “pop culture..” We are big on using our imagination, and we don’t like to flood our minds with too much.

IDLM: Have to say, you guys are some pretty awesome twins. What is it like being identical? Do you get mistaken for each other often or have you ever pretended to be the other, i.e Sister, Sister or The Parent Trap?

C&&B: Aww thanks, IDLM is pretty awesome also! OMG, hahaha its awesome being a twin, we love it! People are always mixing us up, but it doesn’t bother us. The amazing part about being twins and business partners is that we work together very well. When one of us is up working late nights, the other takes a nap, and then we rotate. We are together too much, to ever switch on people

IDLM: We see you have a line for kids now. It’s no doubt that the lucky ones who get a hold of those pieces will be the coolest kids on the block. What inspired that?

C&&B: We want to get the kids and parents started early, and we believe that there shouldn’t be a certain age that kids have to be to express their style. We think no matter if your 4 or 44, you should be able to express your art and style by the way you dress and your accessories. So, when creating our kids line, we were inspired by these 8 year old twins name Ka’mani and Madison. They reminded me of us when we were younger, and we used them for the face of our kids line and they are now our protégés. We were blessed to have parents that allowed us to be creative at a young age, and I think people get so stuck on how “Society” thinks a kid should dress. We want to change that!

IDLM: We gotta ask, what are your fashion-must-haves? What can’t you go without?

C&&B: We LOVEEEE LOVEEE color lipstick…. And cannot go with out it, also our eye wear!!! We think simplicity is the key. We wear a lot of all black with layers and a pop of color in our lips.

IDLM: And then of course, what trends do you see now that you can’t stand? What makes you gag?

C&&B: The arts & craft look. I see a lot of people that just over embellish their jackets, pants, shoes, etc. People are forgetting the fashion and structure of creativity. There is a huge difference between being creative and then doing to much. It has to have a balance.

above photo Najva Sol

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