A combination of creativity and quality, Corpse Corps boards are truly functional art. These coffin shaped decks, hand made from maple, are a means of collaboration and artistic experimentation. We asked the Corpse Corps guys a bit more about their boards, and their dark side. 

Sarah: How did you guys go about starting this thing? All your production is by hand?
Drew: Jordan and I initially decided that we wanted to create our own
boards by getting ten uncut skateboard plies and shaping them in my
Greenwich Village basement apartment. We accidentally chopped up my
desk with a borrowed jigsaw in the process. Since then we have figured
it out a bit better.
Jordan: We personally hand-cut all our 10” wide decks in the Brooklyn
Navy Yards, spray paint them on the street, screen print them
ourselves, then apply a polyurethane coat to preserve the graphic and
reference old-school slick decks. We have a slightly narrower deck
that we get manufactured, too.

Sarah: The Corpse Corps images and blog are really oriented toward the
occult (pentagrams/skulls/spirituality), whats the connection between
the dark arts and skating?
Jordan & Drew : We grew up as pranksters, listening to Misfits and Iron Maiden,
painting walls, drawing, skateboarding, making ramps, having an
imagination, and rocking on the darker side of things. I don’t know
if there’s a direct correlation between the two it’s just what we’re

Sarah: Your blog is pretty damn entertaining and says a lot about you guys.
Don't you think?
Jordan & Drew: Thanks. We try to pack it with original content on and off the board.

Sarah: So skating is unisex, but its generally a "man's world". Why is that?
Jordan & Drew: Its fine. Girls can definitely shred - its their choice, just as it
is anybody's.

Sarah: Your boards have a unique coffin shape. What kind of skating does
that make for?
Jordan & Drew: The most fun kind.

Sarah: What are your fashion-boners for girls?
Jordan & Drew: Sheer baggy top, good ass pants, and a good attitude.

Sarah: If you weren't a skater/designer/photographer what would you be?
Jordan: An explorer.
Drew: President. Or a fluffer.

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