INFLUENCE: Fall Fashion Film "Reading List"

Fall is a great time to be re-inspired by fashion, and one of the best sources of that motivation can be a film with really amazing style! So, for your viewing pleasure we're putting together a little "Back2School" viewing to do list! If you're having trouble leaving summer behind, and you are weeping at the thought of getting off the beach...might we suggest the classic 1959 Gidget?Starring Sandra Dee, this teen beach movie will satisfy all your resort-wear nostalgia and is chock-full of serious hunks. Take note of the serious sexual tensions and surf boards, ugh! If you're in darker mood for fall, dont miss Videodrome 1983(pictured above). This trippy-80s-tech-thriller starring Debbie Harry is way campy, and eerily stylish. Any film by Ken Russell is a visual masterpiece, but for fall why not take inspiration from Whore 1991(also above)? The story of a seedy and difficult (yet well adorned) life of a 90's working girl. Feeling style crazy, manipulative, and totally deranged? The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant 1972 (above), is a parade of incredible costumes and emotional turmoil. The whole film, by Fassbinder, takes place in one very elaborate boudoir, instant Netflix people! Or maybe you just want to be a teenager again, a really hot one desired by everyone around you? The Babysitter 1995 starring Alicia Silverstone is a suspenseful tale of a young girl and all her many admirers. And lastly, for a dose of comedy with a sprinkle of fur and diamonds, Alice 1990 directed by Woody Allen is the story of a spoiled and repressed New York housewife and a trip to Chinatown. In the film Mia Farrow wears amazing coats and has an adorable bob cut.

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