veilhan versailles

Last year, Jeff Koon's 'Balloon Dog' hung out in the Salon d'Hercule. This year, 'The Large Carriage' by Xavier Veilhan stands in the Court of Honor. Veilhan's trademark is his representation of mechanical objects and animals. The French artist's nine piece exhibition focuses “on the relationships between scale, equilibrium, and observation points” and is inspired by the space and history of Versailles.

This exhibition is a part of a project begun last year; Versailles has committed to showcasing “outstanding artists of our time” by inviting one artist per year to use the former home of France's royalty as an exhibition space.

Now until December 13, 2009
Veilhan Versailles

Some of Veilhan's past work:

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Amit said...

Is that the Air album cover?

Anonymous said...

yeah it is. veilhan and the guys from air are friends