girls in europe

Talk about art imitating life...or is it life imitating art? Indie-pop band Girls proves that, although musical talent is usually innate, an interesting life that provides inspiration is always a plus when it comes to making good music. The group´s lead singer, Christopher Owens, knows a thing or two about eccentric life experiences. His musical ear developed at a young age, for reasons that you don´t usually expect from a musician. As part of Children of God, a religious cult, Owens was forced to go out onto the streets to sing for money. As if begging wasn´t enough, Owens had to see his younger brother pass away because the cult did not permit any medical assistance. He then watched his mother go from caring housewife to prostitute, as ordered by the cult. He finally ran away from Children of God and after a short involvement in the punk scene in Texas he moved to San Francisco where his music career officially took off. In California he met Chet “JR” White and Garret Godard, Girls´ other members, with whom he recorded their 2009 debut album, titled 'Album'. Most of Album´s songs are about girls and nasty breakups, however it´s Owens´ treacherous past which seems to be immortalized through the sometimes dark lyrics.

Catch Girls' show in Madrid this weekend on Sunday October 4th at
MobyDick. Girls will continue on to perform in Paris on October 6th at Point Ephemere. See their full tour dates at the band's MySpace page.

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