Deciding between the Met and La Esquina? Decisions no more, since artists Lisa Sigal and Paul Ramirez Jones have created an unlikely but winning combination of art and free tacos in their new collaboration Specials.

In a collaboration that makes you wonder why hasn’t anyone done this sooner, they’ve created a new exhibit called Specials that combines free food with art gallery.

Their mobile art exhibit is a two-sided 10 x 4 foot wall. One side displays the work of various artists, while the other side serves complimentary homemade tacos. Each time this exhibit is presented, they change the artists and the type of tacos, as an homage to the idea of ‘daily specials.’ Their mission statement is to “evolve following a desire to go beyond tired dichotomies of inside/outside, art audience/non art audience, viewer versus participant. It is not This or That; it is This and That.” This Thursday, the tacos will be squash, mushroom and homemade hot sauce, and the artists will be those who participated in the 1993 Whitney Biennial. See you there!

Thursday October 1, 4:00 - 8:00 PM

On the
High Line in the 14th Street Passage (between 13th and 14th Streets)

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