the music of sex

McLaren Musical Paintings

We're willing to wager our rent money that Malcolm McLaren is not shy about the birds and the bees. He changed the name of his 1970's London shop (opened with his partner Vivienne Westwood) to SEX, he named the band he managed the Sex Pistols, and now his recent feature-length film is all about (surprise, surprise) . . . sex!

Ok, ok there's more to it than that. As advertised by the Royal Academy of Arts, "A multimedia work, Malcolm McLaren's Musical Paintings (Shallow 1-21) is a series of original musical “cut-ups” composed by McLaren set to appropriated film and music clips selected and edited by McLaren. The films have been sliced, repeated, both slowed down and in real time. The result is hypnotic, layered and provocative."

The film is showing Tuesday Dec. 9th through Monday Jan 12th at the Royal Academy of Art in Burlington Gardens. Visit the Royal Academy of Art's website for tickets, showtimes, and to see a clip from the film.

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