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Dana Veraldi, is the ink genius behind Deer Dana. Just recently having moved to New York, her unique artwork, photography and wicked style has quickly attracted attention. Her line of illustrated t-shirts feature tongue-in-cheek and obscurely cool prints. These unisex tees celebrate everyone from her ubiquitously downtown cohorts to the idols and tastemakers not yet part of Veraldi's everexpanding circle of "It"-kid friends and admirers, but soon sure to be.

Dana was kind enough to divulge to us a bit on her artistic endeavors and her life in NYC.

How did DEER DANA begin?
I created my website years ago as a showcase for my photography. I used to live in a big artist warehouse in Baltimore and I started screen-printing shirts in my loft while in college. I then decided to put the shirts up on my website as well. It just made sense to call my line Deer Dana.

You graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007. What brought you to New York?
The people and the treasures.

DEER DANA has developed a cult following practically overnight. What is your reaction when you see people wearing your shirts?
It's very flattering and funny.

You assist some of the top stylists in New York, you are a photographer, and you run DEER DANA. Which do you find the most rewarding?
My days and weeks are always different which I love. I was never keen on having a proper 9-5 job. I am lucky to be doing what I am doing. I have met so many great friends here in New York. I learn something interesting from each thing I do.

How do you choose who to feature in your designs?
I make drawings that become shirts of people I admire. They are all important people to me - whether they are close friends or people I find interesting and inspirational.

How would you describe your personal style?
I just wear what I like.

What brands or designers are currently on your radar?
I really like Ralph Lauren, Woolrich, Bess, Stubbs and Wootton, Iosselliani

Outside of fashion, what inspires you?
Suri Cruise

Who's next to be featured on a DEER DANA tee?
Right now I am working on my two Oliviers - Olivier Zahm and Olivier Theyskens.

View the Deer Dana collection in the store.

View the Deer Dana blog.

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