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philip and eri chu

Ground Zero was established by brothers Eri and Philip Chu. The brothers started fashion design in high school by remaking their own vintage clothing. Eri graduated from the Design School with a major in graphic design and went on to work for a classic tailor shop. Philip chose a degree in fashion management at Middlesex University in London. The brothers then teamed up to take the fashion world heads on with Ground-Zero. They continue to find inspiration in the street fashion of London, their home-base.

Philip kindly answered a few questions we posed him about the collection.

How did you get into fashion design?
There was a time when my brother and I were doing absolutely nothing in our lives so we decided to do something that interested us, just for the hell of it. We made music, art work and t-shirt prints...Ground-Zero was just one of those projects. As time went by, I came to realize that I was really interested in fashion design so I went to the university for a course.

What does the Fall 2008 collection represent?

The Obsession. We just put it in an exaggerated and funny way, drug-taking and all.

Why did you name your company Ground-Zero, what does it mean to you?
We feel that 'ground' and 'zero' are the start of everything.

How has London street culture influenced your collections?

Nothing that you can see, but the charisma of the collections.

Outside of fashion, what inspires you?

Everything but nothing. Some things I can't really tell but they are in my body.

What brands are currently on your radar?

Jose Castro, Junn. J, and JC de Castelbajac

In your eyes what makes a good collection?

Surprise, out of the ordinary.

What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothing?

We never think of that. We just do what we want to do, never really doing something for someone randomly.

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